Real-time prescription monitoring to help stop opioid abuse.

We've developed a real-time monitoring solution which tracks patient activity and alerts health authorities when a person is at risk.


Track Prescriptions

The system captures doctors issuing prescriptions against patient records. The prescriber can see the patients prescription history, which includes whether the patient has been prescribed drugs from another doctor before issuing a prescription.


Record Drug Dispensings

Upon collecting a prescribed drug, the system identifies patient details and analyses the patients drug activity in real-time. The pharmacist is issued an alert if the patient is deemed or flagged at risk, allowing them to refuse dispensing that drug.


Alert Health Authorities

Alerts generated in real-time are raised within a centralised system for authorities as they occur. Patients identified who may have misused a drug or attempted to collect multiple prescriptions from different doctors can then be flagged at risk.


Flag High Risk Patients

Patients known to be drug seeking or drug dependent can have their patient records flagged so health professionals can gain instant visibility, avoiding prescribing drugs which put them at further risk.


Highly Configurable

Every state has different rules for issuing real-time reporting alerts. The system features a rich admin area where different alert rules can be configured or modified. The entire system UI is also easily customisable to fit a jurisdictions branding.

Rich Workflow Builder

In recognising different jurisdictions have different workflows for handling patient information, issuing alerts and reports; the system provides a visual workflow builder so system admins can modify how the system functions in-line with internal process.

Designed to work nationally, the system shares consistent information between states.

Health professionals can share patient activity in real-time to track cross-border activity and stop patients trying to "doctor-shop" for multiple prescriptions between state borders.

  • Stops Doctor Shopping

    Prevents patients obtaining multiple prescriptions between different doctors, and collecting via different pharmacies.

  • Stops Cross-Border Abuse

    The system shares information between states to prevent patients from obtaining/collecting multiple prescriptions across state borders.

  • Modular Design

    Features can be added and switched on/off to suit specific state legislation requirements, while maintaining the integrity of a national database.

Opioid abuse has been declared a national emergency in the US.

If nothing is done, it has been forecast as many as 650,000 people will die within the next decade. That's the equivalent to the entire city of Baltimore.

52,000 deaths in the US per year

Opioid abuse is a real problem in the US. Highest death rate per capita globally. Within a decade it is forecast 650,000 Americans will die according to STAT forecast.

US #1 consumer of opioids

America leads the world in the prescription of opioids. 50k in 1 million people use opioids on a daily basis.

78.5 billion per year

A 2013 study estimates this is the annual cost burden of opiod misuse which includes higher health care and treatment costs.

Responsible for more deaths than car accidents and guns

Opioid misuse is a leading cause of death, with higher rates than deaths caused by gun violence or road accidents.

Mandatory Real-Time prescription monitoring is part of the opioid crisis solution. It's already implemented and working in other countries.

Some US states have more prescriptions than people.

This system has been successfully rolled out in Australia. The first Australian state to implement the system went from the highest per capita using state to the lowest within one year.


Mandatory real-time prescription monitoring between doctors, pharmacists & health authorities nationally will help save lives.

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